Who said that living a luxurious life and loving nature cannot walk side by side? Greenhouse effect and ecological imbalance due to usage of non-biodegradable materials are something every literate person is well aware of but there are few who actually contribute towards a better nature by using eco-friendly homeware and eco-friendly methods in energy consumption.

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So, if you have decided to lead a household in environmentally sustainable way, check out the ten eco-friendly homewares to get started –


1. Wooden Floor And Roof  

Among the most sustainable and eco-friendly construction materials salvaged wood, bamboo, straw bales and even earth are the most easily available and easily usable houseware materials. Salvaged or recycled woods will not cause large environmental impact as recycled woods are obtained from already used or cut trees and therefore, there is no need of removing green trees from nature.

For flooring, ceiling and walls, bamboo trees are also used widely as cutting bamboo trees does not affect the growth of the trees that grow really fast. If insulation is what you are concerned about, straw roofing can prove to be quite helpful without negatively influencing environment. Apart from being really affordable homeware, these materials are safe for health as there is no emission of toxin.


 2. LED Lights

As energy-efficient light source, nothing can be more useful and affordable than the LED lights which actually originate from China. With the advancement of technology and in order to keep up with the requirement of the customers, the LED lights are now available at different wattage. In comparison to normal bulbs, the LED tube lights and bulbs use minimal amount of sustainable energy that can range from eco-friendly solar power, hydroelectricity or geothermal energy. These LED lights are now dominating the market over normal lights and are now available in various colored variants.


 3. Cool Or Green Roof

While considering energy efficient ideas for an eco-friendly home, the best homeware you can come up with is a green roof, also called the cool roof. In places where temperature tends to be really high or in warm metropolitan areas, cool roofs are used so that minimal heat from the sun is absorbed inside the building while most heat is reflected by the roof. These roofs are made from highly reflective paint, shingles and tiles for thermal emission i.e. radiation of absorbed heat by the roof surface.

As the temperature inside your home will be cooler, the cost of air-conditioner will get reduced. By reducing around 10-15% temperature, carbon emission will be alleviated and so will the effect of Urban Heat Island.


4. Solar Panels

Perhaps the first eco-friendly solution for reducing carbon footprint that comes in your mind is the solar power panel or photovoltaic panel. To put is simple, these panels can capture the solar energy with the photovoltaic cells in the panels and then transform the energy into electrical energy and the electricity thus generated, can be used in variegated home appliances like lights, fans, television, pumps and so on. It is not mandatory for the sky to be sunny for generation of energy as the solar cells are able to generate energy in overcast condition. In order to create a cost-effective solar energy system, face the panels towards north in southern hemisphere and vice versa.

5. Smart Windows

A comparatively newer addition to eco-friendly homeware is the Smart Window which is an automated technology to execute through your Smartphone. All you need to do is to send command through your mobile for closing or opening the window and it will do so automatically by itself without any manual labor. With easy regulation of heat inside the room, your cost of fans, coolers or conditioners will decrease.


6. Heat Pump

For household requirement, you can choose two types of heat pumps –solar pumps and geothermal pumps. The solar pumps are run by the solar panels attached to the pump module and work with solar energy converted into electrical or thermal energy. The geothermal pumps also reduce carbon footprint while storing heat below ground level. Installation of these pumps is easy and as they work like the solar modules; you can integrate the two to go solar.

 7. Energy Monitor

Once you are investing on eco-friendly homeware, it is recommended to get wireless energy monitor installed at your home so that you are kept abreast of the time span and power consumption through those gadgets. After one month or so you will have a rough idea of the average energy consumption and thereby, you can devise strategies for energy reduction. According to budget and requirement, get the monitor that suits best for you.

8. Smart Power Strip

Although small but a certain amount of energy is consumed by some of the daily use appliances and gadgets such as televisions, computers, refrigerators, music or DVD players etc. Little by little the amount of energy consumed by these gadgets can hit big and hence, you need the power strips for catering their energy consumption. These smart strips are efficient enough to detect when the appliance is not on use, and cuts power immediately to save energy. Choose your brand of Power strips as per budget and you will find that the annual energy bill is reduced to 5-10%.

9. Smart Glass

These windows have smart glass having electro chromatic feature that automatically changes color in contact of current. You can also change the color of the glass manually through the Smartphone you use. The tinted glass can control passing of heat and light through the window and limit the amount of thermal energy passing through. If you wish would save on homeware appliances, choose transparent glass instead of the tinted ones and get reduced cost of air conditioning.

10. Recyclable Décor

Last, but not the least, using recyclable and eco-friendly furniture made of salvaged wood or root, fabrics made of natural fibers and vessels made of metal, clay or porcelain would help you create least impact on sustainable nature. Using plastic products and artificial materials as less as possible should be the objective because most of these products are not biodegradable.

Creating a Green Home is not something complicated but needs determination of being sensitive towards nature and its sustainable resources. With eco-friendly means of lifestyle, you will get a home filled with pure air, comfortable temperature and healthy surrounding.

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