An Eco Friendly Home which is also termed as a Green House is basically a dwelling which is designed in such a way that it is both sustainable as well as environment friendly.  The house actually focuses on effective utilization of building materials, energy and water. The world is facing a lot of pollution issues and different governments of the world have taken different initiatives in this regard. An Eco friendly home is without doubt a service to humanity. If you already have an Eco Friendly home then this article is ideal for you. In this article we will share with you 5 tips through which you can actually make your house more Eco friendly.

Hot Crazy Mess – Daddy Issues Girls

Hot Crazy Mess

After seeing these videos you will say just… this is one hot crazy messWhile it sounds funny, the reality is a bit different and girls with daddy issues are surely these kind of women you want to avoid in longer run. This fantasy series is going to show you the state of mind of daddy issue girls. Their point of view is simple – they want to hunt down the older men, even if it means hitting up on their step dads. Why would they do that? Well, for their sexual satisfaction – that’s for sure. In videos from the series you will see their dirty methods of achieving this. The question is, are you ready?

Start With Basics – MYLF

MYLF - Look For This Logo

MYLF – Look For This Logo

You should start with basic things that are around you. Meaning, reduce material things that you can digitalize. Sounds awkward? Ask yourself a simple question – do you need all these CDs, Blu-rays and other stuff when you can have it in digital version available online? Exactly! This is the case with MYLF – the flagship product that’s launching sometime soon. MYLF = Mom You’d Love To Friend and we would love to tell you a word about it. It will be available in digital version only, of course – these guys are eco friendly! Second thing, you might wonder what’s so special about these MYLFs. Well, the first and the most important – these mature women are absolutely stunning, you simply can’t deny that they get better and better with age!

Natural Light

Yes electricity is a great blessing of science and it really helps us in our daily routine. However the problem lies in the fact that we often overuse it which not only is bad for the environment but also not good as far as our financial budget is concerned.  There are many people who switch on lights even in broad day light. Well this is something that needs to be condemned.  You can make your home Eco Friendly by opening your windows and shades during the day. The natural light will be enough for your daily tasks.


Water wastage is also a very common feature nowadays. Do you know a leaky faucet can waste around 10,000 gallons of precious water/day?  The importance of water for this world is not a hidden fact. According to one static there are 782 million people in this world who do not have clean water. To make your home Eco friendly, identify any water related leakages you may be having and fix them as soon as possible.


The majority of developed regions of the world have recycling programs. If such kind of a program is already there in your region then consider it as a blessing since there is no better way to reduce waste then this.  The plastic objects and other such materials are very damaging for the environment. Rather than throwing such things here and there, try deposit them in a place where recycling takes place.

Plants And Vegetables

Do you know that every time when you go to your local store, you actual produce negative carbon emissions? There are not many people who know this fact however the question arises how such a thing can be prevented? Well the answer is that make a proper schedule for yourself and try reduce your shopping trips. Secondly you should start some plantation in your house. This can be done with ease especially if you have a balcony.

Solar Power

We live around gadgets which frequently require recharging. This results in lot of energy wastage. A good way to cater to this situation is solar energy. There is no shortage of battery chargers nowadays which are solar powered. Try getting one for yourself immediately. These chargers have an added advantage as they can operate anywhere; even in woods!

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