Energy Saving Ideas for Eco-friendly Houses: A Few Quick Fixes for Saving Energy

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The trend of environmentally friendly houses has been there for quite some time now in the developed countries of the world. The trend has been promoted both by government agencies as well as private organizations of these countries. The main purpose of an environmentally friendly house is to promote a clean and natural environment. Another reason behind the construction of environmentally friendly houses is to save energy. Merely constructing such a house does not save energy rather there are a few things that you should follow to ensure it.

If you take into consideration the following points, you can be assured of effective energy saving. These are discussed in the headings below:


LED bulbs are mainly manufactured in China. These bulbs have the ability to consume lesser amount of energy as compared to a normal bulb. LED bulbs are easily available in the market now and you can purchase them at very reasonable prices. Do not worry as the amount of light produced by a LED bulb is not that bad. A LED bulb will surely not give a dull look to your house.

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies


The way you do your laundry has a considerable impact on the amount of energy you save. You can save a lot of energy by washing your clothes at full load. Apart from full load, you should ensure that the laundry is done on cold wash and that too on a bright color setting. Applying this technique will not only save 90% of energy but rather it will also keep your clothes like new and increase the lifespan of your clothing.


Many people change the cooling level of their air conditioner when they feel that the temperature of their particular room is not compatible with the thermostat. This entire phenomenon consumes a lot of energy. Instead of continuously increasing the cooling level, you can simply rather remove some items from you room so that the cool air can circulate easily. More free space in the room will help it get cool faster.

Unplug Your Devices

Well this is a simple SOP; you can save some serious amount of energy by checking your plugged devices. Sometimes we plug in our chargers/adapters and forget. Ensure that you unplug your devices once the charging is done. You need to unplug the device as merely switching of the button would not save maximum energy.

Temperature Settings

Keep adjusting your temperature settings. When you are inside your home, you can set your thermostat to a higher temperature. Similarly when you are out, it is recommended that you decrease the temperature. Temperature settings help in the development of a space which is comfortable, productive and healthy.

Turn off the electrical items

Whenever you are planning to leave your house for an outing or for any other purpose, ensure that your switches are turned off. This will not only save energy but will also protect your house from any untoward incident such as a fire, etc.  You can make things easy for yourself by having a single connection for your important items like laptops and other electronic equipment.

Power settings

A lot of energy can be saved if you are able to manage your power settings. You can ensure that your computer is not wasting any extra amount of energy by simply setting your computer on energy saver mode. Getting rid of your screen saver will further help. All these precautions will decrease the energy consumption and will at the same time increase your battery life as well.

Use the daylight

Keep your drapes open during the day so that you can use maximum amount of natural light. Avoid switching on artificial lights during the day. At night you can close the drapes so that harmful insects may not invade your property.

Apart from these mentioned energy saving tips there are many others as well. If you want to know more about energy saving tips, then check out this one by Ezine.  Through this blog you will get more insights on the subject of energy savior.

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