Optimizing our water usage at home is, perhaps, the best way to help our environment. Start with these five tips today!

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Reduce Waste To The Minimum

A leaking tap can add up to almost twice that amount

Internal leaking in a house can cause the waste of 100 liters of water on a daily basis. This number is way too high to overlook; yet most people just decide not to act upon it. For example, a leaking toilet and a leaking tap can add up to almost twice that amount and if you have multiple leaking taps, the number could continue to grow even further. Checking regularly that all these elements in your house work properly is crucial to optimize the way you use water at home and reduce waste to the minimum possible.

Choose Low-Consumption Toilets

The use of low-consumption toilets can reduce your water waste from 26 liters per flush to only 7. This means that the amount of water used by your toilet can be reduced to half or even less than that. Yes, they are a little more expensive than regular toilets, but that extra investment on your side is a big aid to a planet desperately needing more drinkable water. Picture this: if all the population will opt for this kind of toilets, more than half of the water now used for flushing will be saved. Sounds cool? Well, it´s just a matter of starting in your home and tell your friends about it.

Dishwashers Are Not Recommended

In order to make our houses more eco-friendly we need to pay particular attention to the appliances we are using in them. Dishwashers are a great time-saver because you can just put your dirty dishes there and the machine will do them for you while you are doing something else. The catch with this machine is that it utilizes many more times the amount of water you would use if you do the dishes by hand. The only way to have it waste less water is to pair it with an aerator that can reduce the water flow by 6%. It is not much, but if we add the 6% of every home, we can make a change.

Dishwashers utilizes many more times the amount of water you would use if you do the dishes by hand

Use The Shower Smartly

There are many things we can do to have smarter showers utilizing less water in cleaning our bodies.

  • Buy a modern shower – Most modern showering devices come with an internal restriction to use 10 liters of water per minute at the most. There are also low-consumption showers that would lower that amount even more.
  • Reduce your time under the water – Most of us like to relax and enjoy a hot shower, but by the minute there is water going down the sewer. Avoid taking hot baths and also focus in having short showers with cleaning as a goal instead of relaxing.
Use the shower smartly

Car Wash, Garden Watering & Pools

These are three outdoor uses of water that can make us waste a lot more than necessary.

  • Garden watering – Watering your plants is good and welcome; choose to do it around 4 to 8 am to avoid wind, use the best water pressure and allow water to reach the ground without evaporation involved.
  • Car Wash – Washing your car with a hose is one of the worst ways of wasting water. Use a bucket instead and try to use “recycled” water like rain or non-potable water.
  • Pools – Use the right chemicals and try to avoid changing the water of your pool as much as you can.


Every citizen of the world is responsible for water usage, including you. Follow these tips and make your house more eco-friendly.

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