Energy Efficiency Trends for 2017

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JULY, 2017

Energy efficiency trends keep on changing and a lot is related to technology as far as this phenomenon is concerned. We are now in 2017 and it is expected that energy efficiency trends will see a major change this year. Through this article we will share some of the major energy efficiency trends with you. It is predicted that these trends will become a reality soon.

Big Data

Today we live in the age of communication and information; those days are over when you use to depend on paperwork and books. Today you have easy access to some of the best information of the world through the internet. Since there is so much information available, the Big Data approach is very much possible. The Big Data approach basically involves recording of maximum amount of information and then processing it so that it can be studied/analyzed.  The question which must be popping up in your mind is that what relation Big Data has with energy efficiency?

Since Big Data will contribute towards technological advancement in energy analysis hence companies and businesses can keep a check on the amount of energy they are utilizing. Previously you could only guess your energy consumption by looking at your energy bills but now through wireless consumption analyzers and telemanagement systems, you can check the exact amount of energy you are consuming. New technologies have been developed which have the ability to apply the big data approach. This new technologies will help you in the proper analysis of your energy which will ultimately help you in reducing your consumption level.

The three cities that can be termed as smartest in Big Data are Paris, Tokyo and New York. These are the three cities that spend a fair amount of their budget on communication and information technology. These countries invest in IT so that they may improve the infrastructure of their country and at the same time analyze the behavior of other particular countries.

Distributed Generation

It is very much possible that we may see a shift towards distributed generation. The normal trend has been that the electricity has been produced in power points. After generation this electricity is transferred to the cities through high voltage lines.

We have already mentioned the three smart cities in the heading above. These cities are also different from other cities of the world in their electrical generation. These cities generate electricity through distributed generation which means that electricity is produced right at the spot where it needs to be consumed. The distributed generation reduces the transmission losses and at the same time it improves the management quality/grid quality.  The distributed generation is also sometimes referred to as Decentralized generation.

Electrical Vehicles

Electrical vehicles have already been introduced. These vehicles have various advantages at their disposal such as reduction in noise and air pollution, reduced energy dependency and better air quality. These vehicles have also made the usage of electric energy management systems possible which means that in these vehicles smart charging is a reality.

Smart charging during off-peak hours results in the reduction of cost and energy impact. The situation can become better if you are able to get the system integrated with energy projects that are renewable in nature.

The energy storage function of integrated electrical vehicles is much better as compared to normal vehicles. In case the demand is high, an integrated electrical vehicle can provide energy back to the grid if required. This phenomenon actually optimizes electrical networks and power generation infrastructures.

Mobile and electrical energy management

We have already seen how the Big data will actually impact the energy savior. In recent past you may have come across some applications related to mobile devices that can provide you optimum control on facilities. These devices also provide you information about when, how and where you are consuming energy.  It is very much possible that in 2017 these applications may get evolved. The evolving of these devices means that as a user you will be able to adjust your consumptions via data displayed on your wireless terminals.

We are already in 2017; do not get surprised if during the year you get exposed to these mentioned trends.

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