Low Carbon Technologies for Resource Efficient Houses

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JUNE, 2017

Carbon footprint can really damage the environment; basically carbon emissions have the ability to change the climate and this changing of climate can have serious consequences both for the environment as well as the humans. Carbon emissions have the ability to trap solar energy of the atmosphere; this trapping can increase the global temperature. The environmentally friendly houses are designed for the purpose of serving the environment. Such houses can decrease environmental hazards. In this article we will discuss some technologies through which you can lower your home’s carbon footprint.

Low Carbon Technologies

Now let’s see some of the low carbon technologies that can be applied by you:

Power Strips (Smart)

There are a lot of electrical devices that consume power despite of the fact that they are turned off. Some of these devices include our everyday items like TVs, DVD players and computers. The best item which you can use to cater the energy consumption of these devices is a smart power strip. The smart power strip, cut’s off the power to these devices ones it senses that the device is not in use. The smart power strips can save around 5-10% of your energy bill. There are many smart strip models available in the market which you can utilize.

Solar Panels

The solar panels are also sometimes referred to as photovoltaics. They have the ability to capture the energy of the sun by effectively using the photovoltaic cells. The cells do not require any sunlight for working and they can even generate energy on a cloudy day. The cells have the ability to convert the sunlight into electricity and this electricity can be used for running of the household appliances and lighting. Utilizing the energy of the sun in order to generate electricity can help you reduce carbon footprint. You can make the process cost effective by facing the solar panels towards the south in the northern hemisphere. Do the opposite in the southern hemisphere.

A module, or panel, is a group of cells connected electrically and packaged together, which can provide more electricity and be used for powering homes.

Smart Glass

The smart glass is basically equipped with electro chromatic technology which changes the color of the glass once current is passed through it. The entire process can be done manually by you through your smartphone application. If you wish, you can do it automatically as well. The tint attached with the glass actually controls the light as well as the amount of heat passing through the glass. You can keep the glass transparent and at the same time save your air conditioning cost. It is predicted that the cost of smart glass may reduce considerably in future.

Energy Monitor

If you can afford, then you should immediately purchase a wireless energy monitor for yourself. If you can get this monitor installed, you will be able to understand when and how much power you are actually consuming through it. Through this monitor you will get important energy consumption insights which will ultimately help you in devising energy reduction strategies. Today majority of companies offer monitor however there are better options available which you can avail.

Green roof provides a more aesthetically pleasing landscape, and helping to lower urban air temperatures

Green Roof

Your roof is the hottest part of your home and you experience hot temperature in your home due to your warm roof. So why don’t you make your roof cooler? A cool roof has a higher solar reflectance which actually take both the heat and light away from your dwelling. Cooler temperature in your house will surely contribute towards lowering of your air-conditioning cost. According to one research a cooler roof can reduce energy up to 10-15%. A Green roof also reduces the “Urban Heat Island” effect which is the main cause of carbon emissions. There are many other methods through which you can make your roof green.

Heat Pumps

Another technology through which you can save energy and subsequently reduce carbon emissions is geothermal heat pumps. The pump has the ability to store heat that exists below the ground level. Installing the heat pump is also very easy.

The trend of Greenhomes is increasing everyday which means that carbon emissions will get reduced in future. In this article we have listed some major technologies through which you can reduce carbon footprints; however if you want to know more about other carbon reduction techniques, then visit this one by mashable.

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