Top Features To Consider When Buying An Eco-Friendly Home

    2   MARCH, 2018 More and more people are beginning to take into account how eco-friendly a home is before purchasing it. In this day and age, people understand how important it is to reduce your carbon footprint in order to provide a better future for the next...

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Advantages of Eco-Friendly Houses

Eco-friendly elements of a house are very important factor in the whole green-house project. See what to buy. Also read the testimonial of Pricy, owner of a hostel, who run green business and is very proud of it!

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Low Carbon Technologies for Resource Efficient Houses

Carbon footprint can really damage the environment; basically carbon emissions have the ability to change the climate and this changing of climate can have serious consequences both for the environment as well as the humans. Carbon emissions have the ability to trap solar energy of the atmosphere; this trapping can increase the global temperature.

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Houses Building Techniques That Should Reduce Carbon Footprint

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is emitted through various sources and it is a gas that contributes greatly on the global climate change. According to studies, if CO2 emissions are not brought under check, then it could result in the rise of global temperatures to as much as 10F this century.

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Sustainable Houses in 2017: A Step towards Sustainable Future

The trend of sustainable homes is increasing each passing day. Sustainable homes which are sometimes also referred to as environmentally friendly homes are basically low impact homes that are built and designed via utilizing technology and materials that have the ability to reduce the house’s carbon footprint.

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Energy Efficiency Trends for 2017

19 JULY, 2017 Energy efficiency trends keep on changing and a lot is related to technology as far as this phenomenon is concerned. We are now in 2017 and it is expected that energy efficiency trends will see a major change this year. Through this article we will share...

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