Our Mission

CoRE - creating the buildings for tomorrow from today’s existing homes

The UK suffers from a shortage of affordable homes while at the same time thousands of older properties lie empty.

The CoRE vision is to provide a highly skilled workforce equipped with all the necessary skills to create sustainable, environmentally friendly, homes through a large scale programme of refurbishment.

The centre will showcase the latest sustainable building solutions and provide trades people with the knowledge needed to embrace the new technology and techniques necessary to help build a low carbon future for homes in the UK.

CoRE's mission

CoRE's mission is to help users of the existing built environment to:

  • Reduce energy demand
  • Cut Carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use less water
  • Manage waste more efficiently
  • Get out and stay out of fuel poverty
  • Enjoy healthy, safe and comfortable indoor conditions and good air quality.


To view video content about Responsible Retrofit please follow the link to our You Tube channel.

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